New Roads Less Traveled

Alright guys, HERE IT IS!!! I’m soo excited to welcome you on this new journey in my life! I want to thank you lots for supporting me as Emma Leigh, and I’m so happy to invite you to continue to follow me down this new road as… (drum roll please) EMILY BLACK!!!!! I’m stoked that you’re coming with me on this new ADVENTURE!!! To kick off the first of many adventures to come, I’m gonna let you in on a few fun facts about me!


#1: I have a passion for music- DUH!!! From the moment I stepped on stage at my third grade talent show, I knew this is what I wanted to do. Whether I’m having a karaoke car party or on a stage in front of the masses, I’m singing all the time!

#2: I’m an undercover coffee addict. Whether I’m on the road or hanging out with friends, I probably have a Starbucks drink in hand. One of my favorites is the americano with a little bit of white mocha and a splash of cream… If you haven’t tried it before, you should definitely add that to your list!

#3: My closet is FULL of boots. I wear boots all year long (even through the summer…)! Whether I’m rocking some cowboy boots or some awesome over-the-knee high heel boots, I always add that extra spark to my outfits with my boots. It’s impossible for me to pick a favorite pair because I love them ALL!

#4: I spend a lot of my extra time with my family and friends. Families that travel together, stay together and my family is together all the time! Whether we’re vacationing together at the beach, or chilling and singing karaoke at home, there is never a dull moment with my family and friends!

#5: I love to wear my hair in curls. There’s nothing better than walking around with beachy, textured waves in my hair and feeling free! I always say, “if ya got it, flaunt it” and my mom gave me big lips, so I like to show them off when I go out. Sometimes it’s hot pink and sometimes it’s red, but it’s always a lipstick that makes a statement!



Save the Ellington

This multi-stage event to save Lynchburg’s oldest and longest running live music venue will be on July 31st & August 1st at Phase 2 in Lynchburg! Ellington fans and supporters have been the driving force behind this event. Every participant, including the production companies have donated their time, talent, and equipment for this great cause, and Phase 2 has donated the usage of their venue and staff. All ticket sales will benefit the Ellington!

Save The Ellington

Ticket Information:

Advance ticket sales at; Kids 12 and under are FREE. Everyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. All ages until 10pm. After 10pm 18+ ONLY.

For more information or to make a pledge, visit:

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